Saturday, March 13, 2010

Preview :: Kingsley Flood

Download "Kingsley Flood - Cul De Sac"
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Kingsley Flood is a five to six piece playing new age Americana. Beside the regular instruments they throw in a mandolin and fiddle. And an old Christians & Lion's chum fills the arrangement out with trumpet, melodica, triangle, and, of course, kazoo.

It's a little steam-punk in that they're trying to take modern events and personal situations and sonically place them in an earlier time of America. It's like a collection of stories from when you could go out to play stickball in between classes at the university, and the hobo on the corner, filling his spindle with pickle sandwiches, was just your neighborhood buddy. Imagine yourself now, with whatever personal strife and struggle, placed in a time where people broke out into jigs and square dancing right in the street, around the cats wearing tall hats with the top popped through and there was never a short supply of overall wearing bands that had at least one washboard and also played a clay bottle with XXX on it. The only thing you had to worry about was the devil, who was seemingly hiding behind every tree, desperate to offer that spread in Time magazine you've really wanted in exchange for your soul.

Kingsley Flood is playing in studio on WERS on March 23rd. Their full length Dust Windows comes out April 3rd.

And they have tea parties in dumpsters!
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