Thursday, March 11, 2010

Girlfriends :: Digital 7" for Free

Girlfriends just put out a digital single, Good to be True B/W The Day I was a Horse. Free to download and stream from Ampeater Music.

"Good to be True" is a re-recording from their Our Very First Cassette with beefier vocals. The second track is a Vaselines cover, which wouldn't be complete without the spontaneous laughter.

Ampeater's got quite a nice comparison up there: "The jagged guitar lines and off-the-cuff vocals are tossed off like the mad strokes of an action painter in full frenzy, while remaining confined within pop art superstructures. Imagine Jackson Pollack, drunk on corn whiskey, trying to copy Warhol’s soup cans." Hooray for fine art metaphors.

Prepare yourselves for a real 7" this spring.

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