Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Blastfest 3!!! Are you unfreakable?!

The annual festival from the Whitehaus Family Record is fast approaching!!!

Blastfest III
March 20th, 2010
Cambridge YMCA, Central Square, MA
$5-10 (it's a 'sliding scale' apparantly. But seriously, who else would accommodate you to choose your own price? The yes wave welcomes you, CHIMAY!)

Go even if you can only stay for an hour. Surely, your mind will be blown into a fine melty glass piece. Besides music, other highlights include:
The official release of the Whitehaus Family Record Family Record!!!,
a zine fair from the Papercut Zine Library,
a comic jam on the wall (no idea what this is! Ooooh, mystery and intrigue. Guess you'll have to go to find out),
crafty tablers,
Free PB+J's!!!!!!!!!!(un-surmountable)!!!!!!

More info

The lineup is as follows:
Avi Jacob,
Gregory J Mullen,
Shai Erlichman,
The Needy Visions,
Duck That,
The Woodrow Wilsons,
Wolf Woolf,
Ambitious Tugboat,
Concord Ballet Orchestra Players,
Debbie and the Bullets,
Casey Rocheteau,
Apollo Sunshine,
Boy without God,
James Lindsey,
The Great Valley,
The French Cops,
The Meadowlarks,
Turtle Ambulance
and more!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hosted by the inimitable Simone Beaubien.

commence freakout.


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