Friday, December 14, 2012

Univers :: La Pedregada EP

Another excellent 12/12/12 present was the release of Univers' first EP La Pedregada. It's heartwarming to see the holiday crosses international boundaries. Too bad it only happens once a century.

I covered Univers for The Bomber Jacket in a piece called Spaingaze along with two other drone findings from Spain. You can read that piece here. Univers contains a member from another Barcelona favorite, Mujeres, specifically singer Yago Alcover. The gutteral Joy Division-like vocals are split between him and Eduard Bualance and capture the mumbling monotony of the all knowing universe quite well. If you ever had one of those moments where it felt like the universe was trying to speak to you, but you weren't quite sure what it was saying, maybe it was because the universe speaks in Spanish.

The EP was released on Fàmelic Records too, which is another friend. Read my piece about them on The Bomber Jacket. It's cool to see these two come together.