Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bent Shapes :: Panel of Experts 7" :: The Best 12/12/12 Present Ever

At some point in the day (if they weren't already anticipating the fauxliday already) mostly everyone stopped for just a moment to go, "Oh yeah! It's 12/12/12." The last time any of us living now will see a date made up of the same three numbers. And after the thought, instead of seeing falling frogs in the beginning of the oncoming apocalypse or nuclear missile warnings on the news as part of some intense global shift in consciousness or even just some eerie supernatural change or coincidence in your life like your apartment being moved two inches to the left, you went right back to doing whatever it was you were doing. Because, 12/12/12 wasn't really a day worth noting.

Until now.

Boston's Bent Shapes have a new release that makes the perfect 12/12/12 present that you've surely been tearing your hair out trying to find. It's their second in what will hopefully be an onslaught of 7" flexi vinyl singles and EPs. A flexi is a vinyl that's so thin, you can bend it nearly in half. The group released one earlier in May too, that you can listen to here. The image below is from that EP.

The new 7" is "Panel of Experts" between "Bites and Scratches." The latter track is also from the band's "Girlfriends" days. It appeared on a demo before they changed their name. Both of the single's songs are freshly recorded and feature some of the group's cleanest recordings yet. Although I personally think the band sounds better dirty, lo-fi, and overdriven, these recordings are well done. "Bites and Scratches" features some majestic backing vocals from bassist Supriya Gunda.

The release is exciting, because it means we're getting even closer to the band's debut LP.
Get the 7" here.