Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sad News in DIY- Whitehaus and Gay Gardens Sonically Shut Down

Scanning the interwaves today, I came across this sad news in a post from Quilt about two excellent and longstanding alternative venues being forced to stop having shows, the Whitehaus in Jamaica Plain and Gay Gardens in Allston. I worked as the "intern" for the Whitehaus for a year or so and climbing that porch to see what mysteries lied inside that big white Victorian house gave me some of the best memories I have of Boston. The bitter irony is that Massachusetts is widely regarded as one of the most liberal states, yet they are constantly fighting against creative movements like these by doing things like shutting down shows. Police are given an absurd amount of power, levying hefty fines for things even as small as flyers, not to mention the astronomical salaries that officers have or the atrocious racism that they tried to cover up. One would question how open minded the administration really is, but then again it is in a state that had Mitt Romney as a governor. Which is appropriate, because shutting down the Whitehaus and Gay Gardens is akin to giving Big Bird a lethal injection. The saddest part is that the Whitehaus is not only a venue, but an artist's collective host to a slew of excellent bands, and it has forsaken it's website in an internet blackout. Hopefully, it isn't indicative of things happening in the real world. More details are yet to emerge, but here's hoping for the best.

Read about some of my experiences at the Whitehaus here and here. Also with Breakfast of Champs that was also at the Whitehaus. Also, listen to stuff here.

More of my coverage of associated acts:
Read the post from Quilt below:
So, in Boston we started and blossomed as a band in the underground music community here - a lot of the shows took place in houses / lofts / art spaces - and we have consistently been inspired by & part of that scene. Turns out over the past week two of the houses that gave us our start; The Whitehaus in Jamaica Plain, MA and Gay Gardens in Allston, MA have been sonically sunk by the officially capped men of the local government. It is kind of sad, seeing that some of the best music and art that comes out of this city has been born at those places. Just wanted to thank everyone who has lived & hosted art at these spots, they'll be sorely missed, and we're extremely excited to see what you all do next!
Read a good post from Allston Pudding here, from which I stole part of the title.