Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Emperor X :: Western Teleport

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MP3: Emperor X :: "Erica Western Teleport"
Emperor X ::
Western Teleport
October 4th 2011

Emperor X is Chad Matheny's one man pop songs with flares of guitar, electronics, and inventive rhythms. He's been playing underground scenes for a decade, since he ditched the physics degree. A lot of the lyrics reflect his previous career path. The Blythe Archives Volumes I & II from 2008 and 2009 feature some of his catchiest and well penned tunes to date.

Along with the album, Emperor X has hidden "nodes" all across the US. In order to "play" you have to first buy the album, which is the easy part. Then you have to find a node, which consists of a translucent purple audio cassette and activate it for exclusive content from the Western Teleport sessions. Matheny did something similar for The Blythe Archives releases. It's a great way to make music more personal, as well as an adventure. Check out westernteleport.com for node locations and discoveries.

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