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Whitehaus Interview from "Uncontrollable Urge" Blog

The Homeboys and homegirls at the Whitehaus Family Record just got an awesome interview posted on An Uncontrollable Urge. See Below ::

Quoted from "An Uncontrollable Urge" ::

I found out about Whitehaus Family Record back when I was doing a radio show at WMUA-FM, UMass radio. A record got entered into the new music section by Truman Peyote. It was weird, awesome, contained a cover of a Spacemen 3 song (which was also turned into a Christopher Walken reference), and it was on a record label I’d never heard of before: Whitehaus. A few months passed, and I received a copy of the Whitehaus Family Record Family Record, a compilation CD of tons of artists who’ve recorded on the label, which I liked so much I wrote it up here.
So, of course, I was intrigued. I did a bit of research on the label, and found out that not only did the collective put out records, but they were also a house, a music venue, and, according to their website, about a million other things, including a rotten sinkhole and a heaven on earth. Based out of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, the label has put out stuff by the aforementioned Truman Peyote, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, Many Mansions, and a whole slew of other kind (I imagine) and interesting (I know) folks.
Corey and I got in touch with them to pick their brains a bit, and here’s what was asked and answered:
Interview with folks from the Whitehaus Family Record
Corey and David: Why do you run a record label?

Whitehaus: to record and label the things that happen around us. jamaica plain is so juicy. we’ve been having so much fun here and we love documenting and sharing it.
C&D: What are your favorite record labels?

- autumn records - run out of burlington, VT by greg davis. includes great artists like kurt weisman, ruth garbus, chris weisman, greg davis.
- resipiscent records - based in san francisco. the weirdest of the weird… horaflora/ralph white, hans grusel’s krankenkabinet, etc.
- feeding tube records - prolific western mass oddities - cave bears, zebu, ralph white.. great spirit and artwork
- from the heart media - a project devoted to documenting the cape cod music scene. they release tons of kickass recordings for free or very cheap. some really great bands that never left the cape.
- sonic meditations - based in kansas city, MO and run by justin wright of the band expo ‘70. really great drone tapes, records and cds
C&D: What band(s) that are flying a little under the radar should we check out from yr neck-of-the-woods?

- peace, loving - always on tour. the most innovative band in the country. the farthest out jazz.
- the points north - smooth folk inspired by new england living.
- kid romance - sexy, unafraid classic rock.
- the needy visions - catchy garage rock, great musicianship, also form the major booking/promotion group “bodies of water”
- hello shark - sleepy postmodest pop from new england/america.
C&D: How do you define yer record label’s aesthetic? How do you decide what albums to put out?
W: our aesthetic is defined by our time and place and changes rapidly as different people take leading roles within the whitehaus family record. whitehaus releases albums created by people who have either lived at the house itself or are deeply associated with the place and people. historically, there hasn’t been a planning board that decides what albums to put out. more like, if you hang out here and you have a recording you’re proud of, you can do the work and release it on the “whitehaus family record.” this has changed a little bit since we have started putting out vinyl and using community money (raised through organizing events such as Blastfest and Weirdstock) to do that. for the whitehaus family record family record double 12”, there was a lot of meetings to decide who wanted to be on it and who would be on it and what tracks would be used and what the art would be like.

C&D: What would be on your dream compilation?
W: recordings from the great bands that have played at our house and contributed so beautifully to our lives over the last four years — ideally it would be comprised of primarily live @ the whitehaus recordings, since so much of our operation has been focused on the shows that happen here.
C&D: Who’s been the silliest band or musician to work with?
W: raub roy/horaflora. he is the silliest man on earth.

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