Wednesday, November 10, 2010

VIDEO: El Guincho :: Bombay

I saw this band on the Spanish music channel "Sol" in a noisy bar and I couldn't even hear the music. Lots of seemingly random, bizarre and intriguing things that are apparently a history of the cosmos. The video alone was so bizarre that I wanted to post it. My favorite images are the imagination ship tape launcher, the audience of people in animal suits, the girl making out with a statue, the bunny-nappers, the girl lighting a cigarette with a raven's beak, and of course all the nudity. And the artist, Pablo Díaz-Díaz Reixa, looks like Dustin Hoffman a la The Graduate.

Turns out the music is cool too. Just from watching, the set-up seemed intriguing. Simultaneously hitting a drum pad and playing synth and pedals. There's a lot of African rhythm and the marimba is glorious.
The name means 'the winch,' which is some kind of automatic pulley.

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