Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bright Eyes Live Set

This is a really good live set of Bright Eyes in their prime just before I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning came out, circa 2004 (10.10.04) at Austin City Limits. It's a really good quality recording and the performances are also of good quality. Conor is joined by Mike Mogis, M. Ward and Jim James for a set that is way better than any Monsters of Folk set. They even play a couple M. Ward and My Morning Jacket songs and at the end of the set, an amazing cover of Bob's "Girl from the North Country." The versions of the songs are interesting. Conor does his subtle live lyric changes as in "Waste of Paint," with the line "jerking each other off for positions." There's also an acoustic version of "Hit the Switch" which is excellent. The show happened a month before the November 2nd midterm elections during the Bush administration. Before "Landlocked Blues" Conor declares "I'll use their logic on you: if you vote for Bush, you're going to hell." It's hilarious, check it out around 52 mins in.

Set list ::
1. Lua
2. Waste Of Paint
3. We Are Nowhere And It's Now (Conor, Mike Mogis)
4. Going For The Gold (Conor, Mike Mogis)
5. Hit The Switch (Conor, Mike Mogis)
6. O'Brien (M. Ward, Conor)
7. First Day Of My Life (M. Ward, Conor)
8. Train Under Water (M. Ward, Conor, Jim James)
9. Golden (M. Ward, Conor, Jim James)
10. Landlocked Blues (M. Ward, Conor, Jim James)
11. Girl From The North Country (M. Ward, Conor, Jim James)
12. At The Bottom Of Everything (M. Ward, Conor, Jim James)

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