Sunday, July 04, 2010

Quilt :: Agents of Play

"Questing underground into lulling trances"

You’re wandering deep into some catacombs, ossuaries lined with brightly painted skulls, following some faint noise. You don’t know how you got there, but you just have to know what those sounds are and what or who is making them. The deeper you go, the darker it gets, but the louder and more entrancing the chanting and noises become. Just when you think you’re hopelessly lost and the music is the only thing that could possibly be left in the universe and it’s all you will ever really need if you could just find it, a light cracks in from some corner revealing the source: tacos.

Listening to Quilt can be like being swept off into a daydreaming adventure, and they’ve honed the art quite well with their latest four track 7” EP Agents of Play. Guitars wail back at one another, communicating in some language that you don’t know, but understand completely. All three members’ voices arise in unison, channeling monks that chant in monasteries far off in the mountains somewhere. The first track starts with someone counting off and it’s a nice reminder that recording was done completely by the band and label buddies, in the basement of the Butcher Shoppe house in Allston.

The Jamaica Plainers are from a few other well known acts in the area. Shane Butler is from The Good Party, Anna Rochinski’s self titled music is released through the Whitehaus Family Record, and Taylor McVay is also of The Good Party and has played with other locals like MANNERS. The record comes with a zine-style photocopy collage of lyrics and other interesting streams of consciousness, such as the clever secret acronyms, “Qdoba Understands, I Love Tacos” and “Quietly Unappreciating Inappropriate Lover’s Touch.”

Quilt’s first vinyl release is a nice little journey through the ether.

//Breakfast of Champs//
//Jamaica Plain, MA//
//May, 2010//
//Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jimmy Hughes, Caleb Johannes, and Jake Yuhas @ the Butcher Shoppe, Allston, MA//

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