Saturday, June 12, 2010

PREVIEW :: Shai :: Seasons of Increasing Light

Whitehaus resident and Breakfast of Champs buddy, Shai Erlichman and some friends have recorded an EP with the Son of Bees. At Blastfest, Shai had invited his parents and sung a song about poaching the bassist from Girlfriends. I kind of expected a lot of his music to be playful and spastic pop tunes. But his home demo release and these four tracks are really meditative and melodic. Contemplative tracks with fists growing into chins, an otherworldly sound juxtaposed with youthful vocals.

It goes together well that Shai recorded with MANNERS' Greg Beson. The really reverby sound and little ambient noise and guitar decorations fit them together well. I can also hear the influence of Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum's recording techniques.

This image might not be the EP cover, Shai made it when I asked if he had an image. I kinda dig it though, because of the double exposure. The overlay looks like a wet blanket, which I find funny and that I think draws up interesting associations for the music.

They're playing around with putting this thing into vinyl, so look out for that in the future. You can catch Shai on July 22nd at either the Temple (670 Centre Street) or the Newton Green Center (Langley and Centre). If you want to hear the whole thing you can contact him through his website or myspace.


01 The Season
02 I Want to Live, I Want to Stay
03 The Feral Chatter of Dreams
04 Mornings When

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