Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Preview :: M A N N E R S - White Wool Fog

MANNERS IS A GATEWAY. I wandered into the Whitehaus one day for one reason or another and walked in on Greg Beson in the kitchen, arms splayed out, with Red the Whitehaus cat surfing on his back. Somehow that image speaks evocative tomes about MANNERS. A balance of living things. Inner light. The YES WAVE.

MANNERS latest release is a very very limited quantity cassette called White Wool Fog or The Cave of Light Within. It's the same meditative MANNERS we all know and love, but with shredding intensity. These are collectibles made especially for you. Something unique to hold. This one even comes packaged with white wool and a William Blake quote.
Catch MANNERS at Zuzu this monday with The Great Valley. Those guys have been backing him up for his set and it rocks. The MANNERS man, Greg Beson, is also doing a duo thing with Carter Tanton.
MANNERS is also playing on July 12th at the House of Blues front room.

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