Saturday, March 13, 2010

Preview :: Manners - Look Into, Look Unto 7"

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Today! Manners and the Woolves release a 7" called Look Into, Look Unto. With six tracks, who knew you could fit so many songs on a 7"?? The front is a full color photo taken by Manners on a recent tour and the back is letter pressed for that homemade individuality. You'll also get a download for two bonus songs.

Manners is the man Greg Beson, sometimes called Beesun Greggy, The Son of Bees, or Honey Photosynthesis. He plays with The Woolves, which are a pack of friends, many of whom are from the Whitehaus.

The sounds center around meditative guitar and Greg's whispery-as-the-wind vocals. It's spiritually nostalgic like deja vu in reverse, the music already familiar with you. The Woolves build it up to an orchestra while maintaining the minimalism of the music.

'Breath of Your Heart' and 'Knives' are both tragically beautiful. The latter having the shivering line "I wear a coat of knives. Try and hold me." Although, It's good to know that if you're ever out a need a knife, you can always get one from Greg's coat.

The additional tracks 'Meah' and 'Greta' are more upbeat and boarder-line happy for Manners. They're like old folk songs passed down through generations, you can't remember who wrote them anymore. I was fortunate enough to meet the real-life Greta once at a show once. Once at the Whitehaus, Greg played 'Meah' and during the breakdown moments he asked everyone to imagine the ocean and fill the void with whatever noises came to you. It made for a playful and spooky moment, the whole room swishing like the ocean with a few stray bird calls.

Manners and the Woolves will be playing all around the Boston area, so you can pick up this thing in person if you want. They'll also be playing at Blastfest III!!!

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