Thursday, March 18, 2010

Preview :: Greg Mullen - The Hungry Ocean

Download "Greg Mullen - Ten Thousand Years" (right click, save link as)

The Whitehaus-ian Greg Mullen just finished an LP of insightful, stomping, heartbreaking, pseudo-post-apocalyptic folk called The Hungry Ocean. He's having a record release show at the hallway gallery in Jamaica Plain on March 26th with Saintseneca and The Woodrow Wilsons. You can also pick up a copy of the 12" LP in advance this weekend at Blastfest!!!(which never seems right in type without at least three exclamation points.)

Greg's voice is unassuming and supernatural, talking about every day things that eerily seem to veil a deeper poignancy. 'Ten Thousand Years' has this seeping line, "We both had a hard time trying to decide what to be for Halloween. Said, 'I'll be a ship, you be a flying machine.'" Seemingly desperate to float in a vast, all-consuming ocean, like Dante climbing the wrong way out of Hades if his guide were Bob Dylan and Bukowski instead of Virgil. It all enters a fluid whirlpool of acoustic, trumpet, harmonica, harmonies and even a little aggressive electric in the song 'Telephone.' When the brushes hit the snare drum in 'They Looked Like Giants From Down There,' the rhythm is particularly infectious.
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