Monday, July 13, 2009

Brand New's brand new album (i make no apologies for puns)

Brand New have announced that their latest album will be called Daisy, to be released on September 22.

With their last album from 2006, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, the band took great strides to claw themselves away from a certain blasphemous genre which they helped to define. Influences and homages to Neutral Milk Hotel, The Velvet Underground and even The Jesus Lizard are present on the album. The result was an extremely unified psychedelic and intense sound, with unconventional song structures and honest, troubled lyrics. The album showed promise for the band to defy the fleeting trend of hot topic shopping from the early aughties.

Daisy was originally going to be called And One Head Can Never Die (perhaps a Herculean, seven headed serpent reference?). It'll be out on their own label, Procrastinate Music Traitors!...with the help of DGC/Interscope. Their official press release states that the album will "delve into new musical territory that will astonish both critics and fans alike." Maybe this means the album will sound like their UK only surprisingly playful piano single "Fork and Knife."

Jesse Lacey told Kerrang! that the new album may be "exhausting" and "dense," because the songs "don't always go in the most obvious direction" and may "require you to put some work in." He gives some examples, "sometimes we’d do something in a minor key where you’d expect something bigger" or "have feedback instead of something that might be more pleasing to the ear." The reason for this is the band wanted to write songs the way they'd want to play them live.

It sounds like an experimental, anti-pop, intellectual album conceived to replicate the spontaneity of a live performance. should be amazing.

Lacey also said "I’d almost like to release it like an old school vinyl album, have two number ones through six," so that the listener could have an intermission. I wish they would and can't see why they don't.

No statements were made about this being the last album, but Lacey said, "I think a lot of the record is about us trying to make decisions about how long the band should go on. When I listened back to it, I realized how many songs are about something coming to a close, or knowing when it's time to put something away and move on." ...wink, wink...

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