Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Tallest Man on Earth - Streaming Full Live Set

The Tallest Man on Earth Live Brooklyn Vegan’s Northside Festival showcase on June 12, 2009, at Music Hall of Williamsburg. You can download the set from the internet archive here.

This is almost the same exact set from the show at the Middle East. It includes several unreleased gems as well as a chillingly down-tempo version of Over the Hills. This set is finished off with a bootleg Dylan cover done tallest man style, which only seems appropriate. The set is courtesy of Hooves on the Turf.

At his show with John Vanderslice, I bought a copy of Shallow Grave. It's the kind of album that you want to have on vinyl. It also came with a 7" EP of four bonus tracks, that could've just as easily fit into the album. They only pressed 1000 copies for the tour and two weeks in, they've already sold out. This was a unique item for two reasons. Each record was hand numbered, adding that little overwhelming personal touch.

I got #237.

After The Tallest Man on Earth records their "Blonde on Blonde" this will be a great thing to have.

Kristian Matsson also drew a picture on the back of my record. It turned out to be an interesting free association experiment. He's got hills, valleys and pine trees on his mind at most times it seems.

There should be 1000 more copies pressed on white vinyl by Mexican Summer, sadly without the EP included. Follow the site and you can get you own copy. While you're enjoying these digital goodies, I've got to remind you that in our current musical climate, if you want a musician to keep playing you've got to buy stuff. Especially if the musician is a shirtless Swed playing amazing stripped down folk songs. Pick up his record, even if you can't get it on vinyl.

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Anonymous said...

did you ask him to draw a picture, or did he just do it?
also, they remind me of phosphorescent :)

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