Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Spanish bands to watch from Primavera Sound 2014

Every year Primavera Sound in Barcelona has an onslaught of indie darlings from English speaking countries, but did you also know that Spanish bands play the festival? And no, not just John Talabot. Spanish groups usually play during the 5PM time slot when everyone is either just waking up from their 7AM bedtime or going back to sleep for that sweet, sweet siesta so you’re sure to see Arcade Fire or Kendrick Lamar. So, it’s easy to miss them. Here’s a list of some of the Spanish acts that played the festival that are worth keeping an eye on.

Univers, from Barcelona univvers.bandcamp.com

The epitome of Spanish shoegaze, Univers have been our friends since we interviewed Mujeres a while back, as both groups share a member. We also wrote about their last EP La Pedregada, and this year they came out with their first full length L’Estat Natural. It’s lovely dimension bending guitar riffs and voices drenched in reverb.

Pional, from Madrid soundcloud.com/pional

A good buddy of John Talabot and featured on 2012's Fin, Pional makes house and electro music. Constantly releasing remixes on his soundcloud page, his DJ set is one of the best at Primavera Sound. And his original electronic compositions aren't too shabby either.

Oso Leone, from Mallorca

Oso Leone make some minimalist electronic music that is as entrancing as it is poppy at times. With reverb drenched vocals as the songs wind deep into their meditations, you might not even realize what language the band is singing in, but it doesn’t even matter.

Lasers, from Barcelona

Another band that slides into the late night slot well, Lasers have some great electronic music that ventures a little bit into techno territory. It sounds like it could fit in well on a boat in Paris or a warehouse in Berlin.

El Último Vecino, from Barcelonaelultimovecino.bandcamp.com

With a strong retro vibe, El Último Vecino sounds like something that came out of the Spanish version of the film Drive, or maybe if there was more electronic music in Donnie Darko. Goofy nerd pop from another decade and possibly another dimension.

Aries, from Vigo
We interviewed Aries a couple years ago and it’s great to see them back with another record this year, Mermelada Dorada, and still making their sugary, inventive 60s pop.

Fira Fem, from Madrid

Fira Fem write guitar music that’s almost instrumental, but not quite. When the vocal do kick in, they take you back as well. Sort of shoegaze trance music, but with a sense of fun as with the case in point title of the song “I Fucked Fira Fem Before They Were Famous” from their self titled album.

Súper Gegant, from Barcelona
Another band that embraces the term shoegaze, Sùper Gegant makes fuzzy droning noises from deep caves on the catalonian coast.

Valius, from Pau

With only a few songs reaching past the three minute mark, Valius have definitely embraced the punk rock tradition. They make some sweet, simple, guttural surf/garage rock.

Beach Beach, from Mallorca

More friends of ours that we interviewed a couple years back. It’s good to see them still gracing Primavera with their catchy pop tunes.

Grushenka, from Barcelona


Grushenka are a colorful pop act with groovy sixties retro sounds and lulling eighties synth and vocals at the same time.

Anímic, from Montserrat
Spanish kids have always had an affinity for studded belt rock and greasy haired metal, so it’s nice to see some bands like Anímic putting that influence to use. Dark and slow thrashing guitars mesh with droning male and wispy female vocals to make some unique nightmare pop.

So, if you make it to Primavera Sound next year and you recognize one of this names and you aren’t too hungover, go check out their set. A lot of them play bonus shows throughout the month or in parks during the festival, which makes for really unique shows.