Sunday, February 23, 2014

Angel Olsen :: Burn Your Fire for No Witness

"I started dancing just to be around you..."

There's something about Angel Olsen's voice and recording style that are nostalgic for a lost era without sounding like a rip off. There's also something about that moment in the first track, "Unfucktheworld" when the hi-fi vocals kick in that you realize you were taken away somewhere where hi-fi didn't exist and now she's not just singing to you from a broken radio, but also right beside you and whispering into your ear. There are a few good upbeat, fuzzy guitar, kick drum songs, but what was really snagging were the haunting intimate melodies where it's just her and a guitar and me. She's mostly just singing about her lonely broken heart, but she's made it really damn charming. It's the perfect thing to listen to while walking around the little cobblestone backstreets of French city.