Thursday, April 18, 2013

Destroyer ♒ Grief Point --Cosmonaut in a bread line, etc., etc.

Destroyer  Grief Point
From Archer on the Beach

"I have lost interest in music. It is horrible."

This is one of the best things I've heard in a while.

"Can you still be against the strike that only strikes for more pay? By "you," in this instance, I mean "me.""

"A potential, complete ignorance of ambience, real ambience, in that: Can you really construct it, every last bit of it, and just let the listener feel its effects? And is this the right treatment?"

"It's cool how for my part, this sleight of hand, the trick of making something confounding and great and potentially horrible, drawn up from air: all this is no longer of any interest. In fact, even seeing things in this light depresses me. And so I often come home at night depressed by what we have done, what we are doing. It's good. It means I've changed."

"An ape with angel glands: when I know if it is good or bad, I will know what is good, and what is bad."

"I assume not lighting up at the sight of your mother as a sign of madness in an infant." 

"The message from the critical reception of Dreams was quite clear: we will not be listening to you any further. Of course some tension is created. Cosmonaut in a bread line, et cetera."