Monday, January 21, 2013

Fancamp on Bandcamp

When Bandcamp first hit the scene, what seemed to make it stand out was that it wasn't a membership service that offered profiles and follows which marginalized actually paying for music. Now they've released a "collection" portion of the site that solves the latter problem by actually motivating followers to show off their purchases. Thus the useless fun of the facebook age that is clicking like and scrolling through streams of nonsense combines with what should have been it's proper function: exposing artists to a wider audience and giving them a better platform to sell their music. Bravo Bandcamp. Let's hope it works.

Hi Five for Lo Fi is a great website that has an excellent in depth post about the change. They said:
"What Bandcamp has done is make buying music mean more for the people buying the music. That is what the game changer is."
Read the post here: "Thank You Bandcamp. And Damn You."

And music.

Mango Nebula has begun its own collection here. Follow it suckas.