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Manos de Topo and the Verge of Tears

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The bipolar warbling vocals of Manos de Topo are somewhere between sounding like they are full of tears and like they fell out of the mouth of singer Son Miguel Ángel Blanca after he stubbed his toe. Yet the group manages to make it joyous with a well honed pop sensibility, bright colors, games and a bunch of jokes.

The group is from Barcelona, Spain and has just released their third album Escapar con el Anticyclone!  or "Escape with the Anticyclone!" Calling it a “collection of pocket operas,” the band said it was their most concentrated effort so far. The album is summed up nicely by the simple colors and shapes on the cover, as the group said that they were trying to “minimize the components to find only the essential feeling.” Before the album’s release, they group worked with illustrator Ana Sender on a board game for a musical exhibition at the Funcació Joan Miró. They said the themes from the game inspired a lot of their lyrics and it’s just one example of the playful nature in the music.

Another notable thing about the musicians is that a few of them also studied filmmaking.  Although they only made their first video on their own, their cinematic sensibilities continue to give them clever ideas and keep them involved during production. They have quite a few well made and hilarious videos like "Tus Siete Diferencias" ("Your Seven Differences") and "Es Feo" ("It's Ugly").

Watch the video for "Tus Siete Diferencias" below:

The Bomber Jacket: Manos de Topo means “Mole Hands” right? But what does Mole Hands mean?
A mole is a tender, wild and lonely animal, just like us. A mole’s hands is the metaphor of our hearts.

Watch the video for "Es Feo" below:

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