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Handsome Furs :: Sound Kapitol

Handsome Furs ::
Sound Kapitol
Sub Pop
June 28th 2011

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Handome Furs is a "side project" of "Wolf Parade." The quotations imply the latter group's "indefinite hiatus." This fact was what first drew my attention to this album. The second thing was that the band is a husband and wife duo of singer-songwriter Dan Boeckner's and keyboardist Alexei Perry. Sound Kapital really is a whole beast unto itself in comparison to Boeckner's most well known project for a number reasons. Firstly, this is the first album the group wrote entirely on keyboards. Perry brings a garage rock flare to electronics that holds up very well.

Parts of the album were inspired by the band's 2010 tour in Burma. Apparently they had shows with bands that were playing in hiding, being suppressed by the government. Not only did these bands have trouble getting their hands on recording equipment, but they had trouble getting electricity. The opening line makes sense in this context, "When I get back, when I get back home, I won't be the same no more." It's also a great anthem for anyone that's ever been changed by a place they've traveled to.

The album cover and title reflect these international influences as well. Not only does it represent sexual liberation, but also could be viewed as a sort of commentary on the music industry as well as on the band itself when placed alongside the title. Sound as capitol, nudity as promotion. The 'c' of course changed to a 'k' to accommodate foreign languages, like the slew of translations at the top of their website.

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