Monday, August 08, 2011

VIDEO: Sufjan Stevens :: Get Real, Get Right

Below is another video from The Age of Adz, directed by Sufjan Stevens himself. In the middle of his live show at Primavera Sound, Sufjan told a ten minute story about the inspiration for the new album. One of the biggest influences was outsider artist Royal Robertson that eventually became a recluse, hiding inside his art. Most of the art in this video are by Royal. After the rant, Sufjan went on to play this song, saying it was addressed to the tragic artist. It's not often in contemporary indie music that you get such overt christian messages. It's something that usually turns me off to music, because it usually is oppressive. However, like on Seven Swans, the theme is tactfully dealt with. It could be like Jeff Magnum wrote on the liner notes for "The King of Carrot Flowers, Parts II & III," that Jesus Christ or the Lord doesn't need to mean a christian deity, but the bumbling ball of light in the clouds of one's choice that one may refer to with such names.
Read about the album here.
Get the documentary that inspired Sufjan here.

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