Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Panda Bear :: Tomboy

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Panda Bear :: Tomboy ~ Paw Tracks ~ Baltimore, MD ~ April 12th 2011

My interest in Panda Bear always begins with a bit of hesitation. It seems that he is the portion of Animal Collective that is instantly lauded as the "Brian Williams" of the "indie world" and Avey Tare is almost blatently ignored. Tare's debut Down There was released last year and is notably darker, which makes the Bear´s fun-loving beats more accesible. Both solo projects illustrate what essential element each member introduces to the fusion of the collective. Panda Bear´s solo project has an innate sense for rhythm in every part, especially the vocals. It´s something that makes the music similar to the dance-funk Daft Punk realm, but does so with more creativity and tact and incorporates more intriguing noise loops and sounds. However, the repetition does wear on you after a while as rhythm only for the sake of rhythm and experimentation leaves little beyond itself to illuminate. With the snapshots of each member´s style distilled in these albums, Animal Collective becomes a brilliant balance of the two.

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