Monday, January 03, 2011

LP: Young Adults :: Black Hole 12"

Young Adults :: Black Hole ~ AMDISCS (Prague) ~ November 6th, 2010 ~ Allston, MA

Of all the basement shows one wanders into in Allston full of the likes of studded cronies hanging from bursting pipes, singers decapitating the audience with swinging mics, and mosh pits against steel poles, Young Adults is a different kind of show that one would pray to stumble upon instead.

They formed from members of Magic Magic and Whitetail with an interest more towards what they're calling ambient punk. It's a good way to describe the balance between heart-stopping thrash and reverb heavy drone. They've played with Wavves, Male Bonding and Best Coast and their record was produced by Justin Pizzoferrato who worked with Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and The Hold Steady. They even have a Wipers cover on the record. The recordings can trick you a little bit, this is a band you should definitely see live.

This for some reason has great meaning::

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