Thursday, September 30, 2010

w o o l g a t h e r i n g :: Jamaica Plain Bedroom Demos

Hullo Good Souls, I am very proud to announce woolgathering's first ever demo/EP/whatever!!! It is music by yours truly.

It was recorded in my bedroom in Jamaica Plain by me with the help of Liz Pelly on the glockenspiel. When I first heard the word woolgathering, which means daydreaming or lollygagging of lackadaisical, I was immediately struck with an image. Not the one you'd think, of a little kid pulling wool off a fence at a farm. However, for whatever reason I saw this little boy in a striped sweater that was too big for him, gathering firewood out of the snow. However, the last log he picked up somehow sent him floating upwards into the sky and he was left, not so much fearful, but reluctant, apathetic and accepting, wide eyed, to his new anti-gravitational fate. I don't know why.

Build a toy guitar. Get lost in a forest of birch trees. Wear a bed sheet around your neck as a cape. Carry the girl across the river. Wrap yourself in blankets of hot snow. Eat dictionaries. Say what you actually mean. Force it out of your soul like a rocket. Esoterrorists, catharsissies and metaphornication. Hear the words that are not deeds, that are the gaps in people’s lacks. Destroy something to give it meaning. Taste your own tongue. Read the glowming on everyone’s faces. Transcend your Humanity. Become a ball of light.

You can get it by e-mailing or by

<a href="">Jamaica Plain Bedroom Recordings by w o o l g a t h e r i n g</a>

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