Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Music Tapes :: Lullabies at Bedsides

Julian Koster's Music Tapes will be traipsing through the night from house to house, not unlike Santa, visiting weary music lovers at their bedsides to sing them lullabies. They'll be playing is from For Clouds and Tornadoes and storytelling music from First Imaginary Symphony for Nomad. The group has played in private residences before, but this endeavor is a completely different and never before seen imagination cloud manufacturing event. It's not meant to be a "show" at all, but a precursor to dreams.

Write ups from the band include phrases like "how a lullaby makes its way through the night," "sleep over gatherings are acceptable and encouraged," and "Do not worry bedclothes and pajamas are perfectly acceptable as attire if it is your custom to wear them." They're also signed by the likes of "The Minister of Lullabies," "The Strangely Nonexistent Email Reading Polar Bear," and "the Official Lullaby Notifying Grey Whale."

The events are going to be intensely individual experiences, as the band says they'll even play to audiences of one. They also wrote "We are humbly asking an Internet Video blackout for these events, as we would like for these occasion to belong to each and every one of you as they occur."

There will also be a game played called "St. Nikolai the Wonder Worker's Wishing Game of Candles" at secret locations. They say its "not unlike a form of freeze tag played with candles, which sometimes causes unexplainable things to happen." All you have to do is show up at the location with a candle thats 10-12 inches tall.

How they're planning the events are completely by invitation. It seems that Boston is all full, but if you're in New York or Philadelphia you may still have a chance to partake in the childlike euphoria. Send an e-mail to to invite them or find out about the games.

08-04 Boston and Cambridge, MA - Lullabies
08-05 Cambridge, MA - St. Nikolai the Wonder Worker's Wishing Game of Candles
08-07 New York, NY - Lullabies
08-08 New York, NY - St. Nikolai the Wonder Worker's Wishing Game of Candles
08-09 Philadelphia, PA - Lullabies
08-10 Philadelphia, PA - St. Nikolai the Wonder Worker's Wishing Game of Candles

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