Saturday, May 22, 2010

Preview :: The Needy Visions - Los Visiones Nesecitados

Local heroes, The Needy Visions, have released their first vinyl LP today!!! At their shows, folks get into it like I've rarely seen. Dan Shea's goofy (yet badass) voice with a slight rasta flare always delivers the good times.

It's out on Motorcycleface and Bodies of Water Arts and Crafts. The sound is pretty good for guys that "got together barely being able to play their various instruments" and "recorded their record with no previous knowledge of the processes of recording" (as per their press release). Which I think always produces a unique work.

Their record release show is Saturday May 22nd with Tulsa, Mmoss, Life Partners and Maine Coons.

This thing might be hard to find online, because you may have to email either bodies of water of The Needy Visions to get it, but you should!!!

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