Friday, March 05, 2010

Preview :: Thick Shakes - Ooh Mommy

Download "Thick Shakes - Paid To Care"
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Check out Thick Shakes ghastly overdriven eight song EP "Ooh Mommy."

The trio plays fuzzy, fluffy and hairy out-of-the garage-fi punk. The male and female vocals are an excellent mixture that for some reason calls to mind a bubbling cauldron, blending into the instruments. There's moments on this thing where it seems like they're channeling the noise and nonsense of the early 90's. Sometimes the songs are even reminiscent of Bikini Kill or the Riot Grrrl movement. They even squeeze in a Magnetic Fields cover of "Underwear" from 69 Love Songs.

You can download the whole EP for free on their site. But why would you want to have a bunch of headless mp3's when you could get a highly collectible cassette? Do it!!!

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