Monday, February 22, 2010

Playlist :: Christians & Lions - MORE More Songs For the Dreamsleepers & the Very Awake

Here's a little treat for any potential Christians & Lions fans. From following the band for a while, I've compiled some additional non-album material that happens to be pretty damn good. So, I've made a playlist of the aforementioned songs.

The first section is all unreleased songs.

'We Fall and Get Up' I snatched from myspace, circa 2006...maybe. A sweet acoustic thing about indigestion and indecision. It kind of lyrically relates to the bridge in 'Stay Warm,' "if we only find ourselves in decision, will we only find ourselves indecision?" Don't know why this one never made it onto any release.

'Firebelly Salamander' was on the Christians & Lions Acoustic LP that was released before More Songs.

'Waltz in D' and 'Palek' were also snatched from myspace, but after the Bird's Milk EP in 2009.

'Outlaws' was on the first little Sharp Teeth demo burned CD that I bought at a show in 2005 for two bucks.

The next section is alternate versions of songs on More Songs that are really interesting for one reason or another.

'Bones' has a mandolin in it and for some reason I always really liked when Sam shouts "Let's walk he says!" after the homeless man line before the bridge. This is also from the Acoustic LP.

Stay Warm' is a demo also with mandolin. From that same Sharp Teeth burned CD.

'Sexton Under Glass,' my favorite version of this song, with mandolin and more uptempo. They used the mandolin for a while, mostly with Sharp Teeth. It was a shame to see it go.

'Things Don't Fall Apart, They Just Give Up on Being What They Are' is actually a demo of 'Some Trees.' For some reason the song got to me with that title. It's actually a line from 'Everybody So Gorgeous' on Bird's Milk. This version is interesting because it has the singing saw, a synth and what sounds like clinking glasses for percussion. It sounds very different from the album version. No idea where this came from.

'A Seven Alarm Fire is Burning Sacred Heart to the Ground' is a 'Landing' demo. The saw really makes this one. Think this came from the Sharp Teeth myspace.

'Free Radio Post-Apocalyptic Metropolis Blues,' is a really cool demo of the version on the Gimmie Diction single and Bird's Milk EP. It's got a nice litte intro.

'Alphamale Soup/Two Row Pale' is a live instrumental thing from 2007. Towards the end of their first run, the band started doing a lot of these semi-digital, very different sounding things. Would've made for an interesting second album.

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Andy said...

Hey, this is awesome-- do you have any mp3's that I could download for Palek, Waltz, Outlaws, Alphmale, and things don't fall apart? I've got a few tunes you don't have that weren't on cds (i.e. the original Bird's Milk, His over and done with)-- shoot me an e-mail andycerrone at gmail dot com. I've also got a bunch of unreleased Lido Venice unfinished stuff as well.

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