Monday, December 21, 2009

Album Review :: Real Estate

Real Estate is a band that could bear the brand of “surf,” even though they’re from the Garden State. An aquatic vibe pervades the music. Their lyrics and song titles make a lot of references to beaches, lakes, pools and rivers. They sound is a necromancer conjuring the slide and pop of The Beach Boys from out of the cosmos. Their vocals swim (and sometimes drown) is an ocean of reverb.

Their self-titled debut has a comforting, familiar feel. It’s like finding a shoebox full of mementos and photographs in your attic from some forgotten time. Immediately, the warmth of recollecting embraces you and it seems that there is a vastness, which is nostalgia, distilled in a single object. You are almost transported to some foggy memory that you never had, pulling your surfboard off the top of your Vista Cruiser and dragging it through the sand and surf until nightfall, when you make a fire on the beach.

Whereas the album emulates warmth and calm, after a while it gets a bit too familiar and needs some diversity. You’ll probably only look at the objects in the shoebox for as long as you’re in the attic. Once the lid is closed, you won’t open it again until you stumble across it randomly sometime in the future.

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