Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preview :: New Built To Spill LP

Built to Spill is set to release their seventh album, There is No Enemy on October 6th.

Just the gloom of the album cover suggests a darker sound and the band has suggested that lyrics could get political.

2006's You In Reverse was an angst ridden guitar cacophony with several long jam exploring tracks. The band has said the new album won't hold anything devastatingly new for the band, but each Built to Spill record has its own personality. Whatever it is that makes this record so black and blue should be interesting.

For more info check out this pitchfork interview.

There is No Enemy:

01 Aisle 13
02 Hindsight
03 Nowhere Lullaby
04 Good Ol' Boredom
05 Life's a Dream
06 Oh Yeah
07 Pat
08 Done
09 Planting Seeds
10 Things Fall Apart
11 Tomorrow

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