Monday, August 10, 2009

Album Review :: Christians & Lions - Bird's Milk EP

Christians & Lions
have just posted their newest Bird's Milk EP on their website to download for free: here. As always: donate, donate, donate!!!

The songs lounge around a cool breezy of tape static. Portykus' voice more hymnal than ever and the backing vocals add a lot of charm to the tracks. The song "Bird's Milk" will get you stomping along to it's feel good philanthropic beat.

On the site they wrote "why buy the cow when you can
download the milk for free?" Which is a hilarious metaphor and appropriate for the EP title, but you're still getting all to music so it's more like downloading all the milk, steak, prime rib and hamburger, just not the leather. The leather being the hand made and hand numbered artwork, which is a very unique packaging.

I'm glad they included Free Radio Post-Apocalyptic Metropolis Blues. It's one of their oldest songs and I was sad to not see it on More Songs for the Dreamsleepers and the Very Awake. The broken glass orchestra on this version is playfully resplendent. I always liked the demo version from the Sharp Teeth days, which I will post here:

Christians & Lions - Free Radio Post-Apocalyptic Metropolis Blues (Demo) (right click save link as)

Download "Everybody So Gorgeous" (right click, save link as)

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