Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bright Eyes is Dead...

The Omaha World Herald reported that Bright Eyes was found dead in his apartment in New York today, surrounded by clocks and calendars. The coroners have determined that he died from a sudden fit of vanity.

When departing on the Conor Oberst solo vision quest, Bright Eyes commented that he could only write so many songs about being lost. For many of his listeners that were uplifted by and identified with that indeterminable indecisiveness, lost is how Bright Eyes will remain. Shoeless, in the middle of the woods, surrounded by circling wolves, calling out to his fabled Arienette. Apparently, the sound of lonliness wasn't what made him happy anymore.

In his rigor mortis stilted hands he clutched what seems to be his requiem, a final album that will be released in the fall of 2010.

We all wish Mr. Bright Eyes luck clawing his way up from that chalk outline.


Suzanna said...

this is why we're friends

pattaya.h said...


mrme said...

When i first heard bright eyes it was 1:00 a.m. and i had lost my job and i was alone in my garage, drunk and stuck in an old CD called lifted that i found in my brother's backpack sitting in the corner left over from a camping trip 2 years ago. I listened and drank and painted and smoked and stared at the stars and thought, " this is the greatest songwriter of all time.!!"
The next day I read an interview with him in MOJO magazine and by chance saw him perform on some late night show. I hung my head and sunk down in side. I felt duped by God. How can you give such talent to a spoiled little shit with no troubles to speak of, and then torture the rest of us our whole lives, leaving us with nothing but the ability to drink, fight and change carburetors.

Mango Nebula said...

I just found this comment and it really affected me. I hope you eventually realized that you have the power to change your situation and do something else if carburetors really isn't your thing.

Unduping yourself is hard and I feel like I'm constantly having epiphanies to realize that everything I knew was wrong. But that's a good thing I think. It's kind of what I wrote about here:

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