Sunday, March 13, 2011


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Girlfriends :: Cave Kids ~ Black Bell Records ~  Jamaica Plain , MA ~ April 1st 2011

Girlfriends have a new seven inch single Cave Kids b/w Eat Around the Bad Parts. The trio experimented with a touch of hi-fi on their Good to Be True single, but the lowest filth is where they belong and the gang laid this one down perfectly. It's a similar release to last year's Government Seizure vinyl single.  "Cave Kids" is the best Boston anthem I've ever heard, capturing the late night drunken mischief of riding bikes, taking the T, crashing playgrounds, climbing trees, breaking into abandoned buildings, and finding the city's hidden treasures. The line "We underachieve and live below our means, and can’t get to sleep 'cos we have oversized dreams" defines such characters perfectly. "Eat Around the Bad Parts" is a darker, faster, and heavier song with a title that's clever as hell. Making political consciousness and economic reform fun, the song even nods to some soviet perestroika (use those search engines kiddies). The last line is: "We’re embittered, thickly settled, where all the pots attack the kettles," making both songs extremely indicative of Boston.
Get this thing on black or green vinyl while you still can.

Here's a live video of "Cave Kids" at Great Scott

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