Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Laura Jorgensen :: Feathered Arms LP

This fine lady has a new full length out called Feathered Arms. She's got one of the most operatically powerful wind pipes I've ever heard, and she pairs it very nicely with accordion and dulcimer. It's one of the most bizarrely beautiful combinations you never would've suspected. On the album she's backed by upright bass, acoustic guitar, brushes on a drum kit, etc. There are also lovely sound collages between songs. At nineteen tracks its a stunning debut. You can hold it :: here.

Also, Some of the proceeds are going to a very worthy cause: aiding the little ones of Bulgarian orphanages. So, help this girl out!!! This is from her bandcamp:

"10% of the proceeds from this album go to supporting children in Bulgaria's horrifying warehouse orphanages. To find out more about this issue, please watch this BBC documentary."

Preview the whole thing here:

<a href="http://laurajorgensen.bandcamp.com/album/feathered-arms">from the creaks of our chairs by Laura Jorgensen</a>



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