Thursday, May 14, 2009


Mango Nebula.
hanging music on the walls

A song is as much a work of art as a painting hanging in a museum. There's a certain beauty to crafting a perfectly infectious pop melody as there is to channeling reality shattering experimental noise. When a group of people form a band, they don't create a troupe of musicians or a brand. The lyrics, sound, album art and video that a group produces spawns an entire universe full of moods, characters, ideas and philosophies, whether its members intended to or not. The Mango Nebula is a gallery intended to capture and communicate that universe to a reader with a few words (a lot of words usually) and a bit of poetic flare dripping with sarcasm.

The words are all by Lee Stepien
I attended Emerson College from 2005-2009 with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing, Literature and Publishing.
From 2008-2009, I wrote articles as a journalist with the radio station 88.9FM WERS.
Since 2009, I've also written articles for the Boston initiative, Artist's Advocacy.
Beginning in 2010, I've contributed articles to the Northeast edition of Performer Magazine.
This portfolio includes those works, some created with no association to anything and some bits of my stream of consciousness.

The written content appearing in this blog is copyrighted by Lee Stepien and any distribution, reproduction or any other action must be approved by the author.

The music appearing in this blog is property of the artists and is intended as samples only. Please support these musicians by buying their LPs, t-shirts, mouse pads and kaleidoscopes, so that they can keep eating and inspiring us with awe.

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