Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Neon Indian :: Era Extraña

Neon Indian ::
Era Extaña
September 13, 2011
Static Tongues

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Neon Indian's new album title is curious. It means "It Was Weird," but without any context, the feminine adjective could make it to also mean "She Was Weird." With the title of the last track being "Eras Ending Above Us," there's a "Weird Era" vibe to the album too. Makes you wonder if there's any Deerhunter connection. Below is a live video for "Should Have Taken Acid with You" from Psychic Chasms.

Neon Indian's first album Psychic Chasms from 2009 showed the artist bringing songwriting back to the digisphere. The songs bear a clarity in the vocals and effects that many drone laden contemporaries lack. Of course, the last album had chilled out trance-stramentals as well. The new track follows with a similar vibe. Fallout is cute, but the last album had better word play with songs like "Terminally Chill" and "Ephemeral Artery." Era Extaña still tackles tactful synthesized experiments and explores some distorted droning in addition to their classic bubble gum blips.

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Stream the album below ::
Neon Indian :: Era Extraña by Mango Nebula on Grooveshark

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