Thursday, September 15, 2011

Girls :: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Girls ::
Father, Son, & Holy Ghost
September 13, 2011
True Panther

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There's something immediately trite that strikes one about Girls. The simple, maybe even pathetic, lyrics seem only to be saved by the ingenuity of the music. However, things change when contrasted with the background information that the lead singer and songwriter Christopher Owens grew up in the Children of God cult who let his brother die because they didn't believe in medicine and forced his mother to prostitute herself. Once escaping their clutches, a millionaire took Owens under his wing.

At their most brilliant moments, Girls capture a confused adult who is trying to live out a childlike fantasy, where his only concern is chasing after girls, in order to achieve some amount of normalcy, but his hiccuping pop simplicity betrays a suppressed inner chaos, confusion, and disillusioned existence. However, whereas their debut Album addressed Owen's past more,  more often than not on the new album, Girls is just another throwback retro band singing great songs about love.

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