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Woods :: Sun & Shade

Woods :: Sun & Shade
July 14th 2011
Woodsist Records

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Woods' latest release conjurs up their ole timey Woods goodness; not too much is reinvented here, but the essence of woods is explored quite well. It includes a mixture of their catchy as hell tunes and extended instrumental insanities as the bright poppy sun winds into the cool winding shade in a well noted progression for the record. Songs of Shame showed the group veering off into strange and interesting, and mountainous, territory. At Echo Lake explored to group's more quickly pleasing, lagoon-like, melodies. The new record is a good balance of the two. It lacks the innovation, inspiration, and spark of life or sporadic insanity on their earlier works, but it's still a damn good record to listen to.

Here is a quote lifted from their website that describes it pretty well:
"Woods is a two-headed dog asleep on the porch and a butterfly on the windowsill... a Janus, a Gemini and a screen door. The sun wont fade and the earworms will not leave, but the jams go on too long for the girl in the back who wonders if her friends are at another bar. Still, the ballads always make her cry." -Glenn Donaldson

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