Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beirut :: The Rip Tide

MP3: Beirut :: "Vagabond"

Beirut ::
The Rip Tide
August 30th 2011
Pompeii Records

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The last release from Beirut was an EP experiment thingie March of the Zapotec/Realpeople Holland featured a lot of unusual arrangements for the band, particularly the digital leaning of the second half of the release. It suggested that might be something the band would make use of on the next record, however the exact opposite is the case. The Rip Tide has a sound that's very similar to their last two full lengths, only simpler, surprisingly and unfortunately quite short, and with less of an orchestra and more of a band. A majority of the record is upbeat and it makes for a great introductory Beirut record. It's unbelievable how amazingly well the band can capture an antique romantic Europe. It's something that I'm sure is magnified for me, having spent the past year in Spain.

If you have any interest in Beirut at all, you must listen to The Flying Club Cup. It's an unbelievably orchestrated poignant record and a favorite.

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