Monday, March 21, 2011

Kurt Vile :: Smoke Ring for My Halo

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Kurt Vile :: Smoke Rings for my Halo ~ Matador ~  Philadelphia, PA ~ March 8th 2011

Kurt Vile returns for his proper second album after 2008's Constant Hitmaker. His simple, lazy, and catchy acoustic songs are less soaked in effects this time, but still drenched in wavy hair. There's more diverse instrumentation and it's a little cleaner, a little less vile, but still definitively Vile. The vocals being more in the forefront greatly benefits the cleverly penned bits of sarcasm, like "Peeping Tomboy." His words are a bit subversive, as "Puppet to the Man" and "Society is my Friend" challenge traditional folk anti-establishment mentality. It's nicely sharpened songwriting and more clever, dreamy self-commentaries.

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