Monday, February 28, 2011

STREAM: The Mountain Goats :: All Eternal's Deck

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Stream the new LP from The Mountain Goats right now from NPR. Supposedly inspired by heavy metal that is a guilty pleasure for songwriter John Darnelle, All Eternal's Deck thankfully maintains The Mountain Goat's sound, but with a never before seen intensity. There was a glimmer of aggression with the song "Psalms 40:2" on 2009's excellent post-apocalyptic biblical themed The Life of the World to Come.

The first listen is favorable, for how it could sound with heavy metal in mind (and the fact that there's a song called "Liza Forever Minnelli"). The album has a lot of diversity beyond that too, including a viking hymn "High Hawk Session." It's also loaded with clever little lines per usual, like "see that young man that dwells inside his body like an uninvited guest" in "Birth of Serpents." Seems like the album kicks off the story with a man who has been bitten by a Vampire with the first track, "Damn These Vampires." Like most of the Mountain Goats albums, it carries an intriguing story that can only be unwound with multiple listens.

The vinyl of the album has an alternative cover (below). The first 500 pre-orders also came with a cassette that included individual hand drawn artwork. It's great to see bands the size of The Mountain Goats doing things like this.

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