Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bright Eyes Track :: Shell Games

First track released from The People's Key due out 2:15:11. There's a few things in this song that rub me the wrong way, primarily the chorus...and the 80's synth. Although, everyone needs a sing-a-long every once in a while. From personal experience, I can understand why: introspection is exhausting. There are many, many other redeeming lyrics: "Death obsessed like a teenager. I sold my tortured youth, pissed in vinegar. I'm still angry with no reason to be." At his best when he's self-referential (/critical) and poking fun at himself. It's a pretty diverse song and the tempo change lead by the drums is addictive as well. As was the way with Cassadaga, there were certain songs that were extremely underwhelming, but there were more that were mind blowing ("Four Winds" is one of the most cleverly penned and subtlely biblical, apocalyptic and politcal songs Conor has written) . I guarantee the latter will be present on The People's Key.

I'm sure it'll be a hoot and a holler.

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