Friday, August 27, 2010

More New Sufjan Stevens :: The Age of Adz :: 10/12

Really excited to find out that Sufjan Stevens has a full length coming out October 12th called The Age of Adz. I believe the "Adz" is pronounced like "Odds" but with a thick Boston accent. The cover for the album is exceedingly amazing. Apparently it's loosely based on the outsider artist Royal Robertson. A quick google search reveals that the "prophet's" works that look like this ::
go for about $800.
I'm going to write about this song and try not to go on a personal rant about how it seems that everyone seems to have to have their new album be an electronica discotheque massacre. It's like everybody just found out that loop pedals existed all at the same time. Don't get me wrong, people are doing some amazingly interesting things, but this just seems a little out of character for the Seven Swans Sufjan I first met and loved. Probably why he released that All Delighted People EP, so he could play with those other sounds too. I shouldn't get mad at him for wanting to play with some synthesizers for just one album, and apparently its got a lot to do with the cosmos and aliens, which is great...although if I have to wait five more years for another one...

hold it :: here.


Anonymous said...

Stevens has always experimented with electronic and looped up sounds. Enjoy Your Rabbit was all about his explorations with electronica and synths, so its really not out of character at all. I have a feeling your feelings are going to change once you hear the entire album. Sufjan is genius. Can't wait to hear his sweet vocals layered over looped banjo or synthesized riffs. If anything, I have a feeling this album will be featuring some rather personal lyrics. Even deeper than before.

Lee said...

I did forget about Enjoy Your Rabbit. THAT ALBUM IS CRAZY

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