Sunday, March 14, 2010

Preview :: Woods - At Echo Lake

Download "Woods - I Was Gone" (right click, save link as)

The freakfest psychadelia of their last release Songs of Shame was a gloriously confusing bit of silly folk and uncontrolled electric that sat together uncomfortably well. A phenomenal balance of songwriting and improvisation. The art is just perfect for their sound too. At Echo Lake will mark the band's fifth full length release on Woodsist Records. It's out May 11th.

At Echo Lake:

01 Blood Dries Darker
02 Pick Up
03 Suffering Season
04 Time Fading Lines
05 From the Horn
06 Death Rattles
07 Mornin' Time
08 I Was Gone
09 Get Back
10 Deep
11 Til the Sun Rips

Before they were gone, they wrote "I'm Not Gone," which is quite the poppy tune for these fellas. I decided to include it so as not to lose it to the sands of time. Maybe it can help one figure out whether Woods is really here or not.

They've also got an EP coming out called I Was Gone. It should be a crazy thing as side A is described as a 'tape collage/head scratcher' dubbed "Days Gone By." It's out March 16th.

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