Monday, March 15, 2010

Preview :: Japandroids - No Singles / Art Czars

Before Japandroids released their debut Post-Nothing, they released a couple of EPs: 2005's All Lies and 2007's Lullaby Death Jams. The band is re-releasing these in one compilation called No Singles. They've got a knack for these clever little album names. No Singles may have no radio tunes, but hopefully it'll be packed with pre-studio experimentation that you could only get from a couple of kids who weren't on a label yet. Seriously, how can a song called "Sexual Aerosol" be anything but amazing? Due May 11th on Polyvinyl.

Still even more exciting news is the fact that they're keeping up the trend by releasing a singles series of five 7" that will feature a post Post-Nothing jam and a cover tune. Art Czars will be the first, on clear vinyl, with the B side a cover of Big Black's "Racer X". You can hear the duo fooling around with the cover on their Daytrotter session. Out April 13th on Polyvinyl.

You can catch Japandroids with local sensation Girlfriends! at the Middle East Downstairs on March 31st.

No Singles

01 Darkness on the Edge of Gastown
02 No Allegiance to the Queen
03 Sexual Aerosol
04 Lovers/Strangers
05 Lucifer's Symphony
06 Couture Suicide
07 Avant Sleepwalk
08 Coma Complacency
09 To Hell With Good Intentions
10 Press Corps

Art Czars Cover:

I'm constantly reminded by No Age any time I think about Japandroids. Besides both being noise pop guitar/drum duos, No Age did something similar to what Japandroids are up to now. The first thing No Age did was hand out five 7" & 10" vinyl singles and EPs while they were messing around in the concrete hallway that is LA's The Smell. These eventually became Weirdo Rippers. A record that should never be lost to time and stands exceedingly well as an album rather an a compilation. Maybe its just the kind of thinking that experimental punk bands have. If I had a suggestion for these four guys, it'd be a No Japandroid Age supergroup.

This photo is radsauce:

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