Monday, August 24, 2009

Preview:: Karen O conducts the Wild Rumpus!

Karen O and The Kids - All is Love

Maurice Sendak's
masterpiece of children's novels becomes Spike Jonez (and Dave Eggars') hopeful masterpiece of cinema on October 16th.

The soundtrack for the film is being produced by Yeah Yeah Yeah's leading lady, Karen O. It'll be out September 29th.

The first single "All is Love" is out on August 25th. It seems that all of the music is being written by Karen O and 'the kids,' who are her many collaborators. Among the kids are Yeah Yeah Yeahs bandmates Brian Chase and Nick Zinner, Bradford Cox (frontman of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound), Aaron Hemphill (Liars percussion, guitar and synth) and many others, including a children's choir!

The song is child-like euphoria incarnate. The choir of children and Max's voice blend with the soft, almost spoken, and unmistakable vocals of Miss O. It's a playful, positive romp that quite successfully creates an audible fantasy word.

The trailer worked beautifully with The Arcade Fire's "Wake Up." No words yet on if they'll be a part of the album.

What could be better news than this? Dave Eggars, who cowrote the screenplay is writing a novelization of the film. An except called "Max at Sea" you can sample from The New Yorker here.

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