Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Preview :: Danny Johnston - Is and Always Was

Daniel Johnston is an oddity and an art. The sheer power of his lyrics alone got him through a decade of obscurity. That and a t-shirt worn by Kurt Cobain. His albums take the form of sing-spoken tape recorded fuzz fests and it's become his niche.

Johnston will release his first album of original material since 2003 on October 6th. And the album will be, strangely enough, a cross-breeding affair with high-fidelity. It shall be named Is and Always Was.

What? Is this a Daniel Johnston that one could actually dance/listen to? Never fear die hard fans.
This is DANIEL JOHNSTON. He looks like this:

I think he is and always will be who he is.

Is and Always Was:

01 Mind Movies
02 Fake Records of Rock and Roll
03 Queenie the Doggie
04 High Horse
05 Without You
06 I Had Lost My Mind
07 Freedom
08 Tears
09 Is and Always Was
10 Lost in My Infinite Memory
11 Light of Day

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